Direct Healthcare Consulting (DHC) is an innovative comprehensive informational program. It is DHC’s commitment to service of …


engaging the community to increase their knowledge base of healthcare


encouraging proactive planning of healthcare needs through education of provider services


dedication to the integrity of: healthcare information, timely professional service and best outcomes for patients and families.

DHC offers three venues of consultation, with you in mind.
DHC provides resources designed for ease of use and convenience.

With regard to healthcare, only you know what is best for you or your family member. This site presents valuable information on healthcare, you are in control,
“your options…your choice”.

A little about me… I have been an active duty nurse for greater than 40 years and an RN for 20 of those years. I have covered all patient areas from ICU to the Medical-Surgical units of acute care. For the past 16 + years, my role in healthcare has been as a Certified Case Manager in a very active hospital setting.

As a patient care advocate, my responsibilities ranged from utilization review, which involves the utilization of hospital resources to oversee timely and effective interventions of your care to discharge planning. Discharge planning requires compassion, collaboration and communication, from hospital staff to family members, to provide the most optimal post-acute care plan for the patient. The family is an integral part to the discussion and planning of the goals of care for their loved one.

I have seen the myriad of challenges and changes in the healthcare system. It is my hope that the development of this site will educate and provide the options and resources you need as you journey through the matrix of healthcare.