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Direct Healthcare Consulting (DHC) is an online platform which provides healthcare information and external professional services as an optional resource of your choosing.

Using the Website

Access to this site requires you to be at least 18 years of age. Any age under 18 must have a parent or guardian who can accept the Terms and Conditions and agree to as presented.

Three levels of consultation are available to include a fee for service, paid prior to use of this Sites’ services and are non-refundable.

  • Self-search
  • Phone consultation
  • Meeting

Using any of the optional methods of consultation provided on the DHC website does not mean or infer, nor is to be interpreted as a substitute for physician advisement.

DHC website aims to be an informative resource but not relied upon as a means of medical/professional advisement.

Your physician should be your first line of medical management and advisement. Never delay or disregard in seeking medical advice because of this Sites information.

DHC site does not diagnose, suggest or order treatment for an illness or condition, nor prescribes to any clinical pathway of care.

DHC does not endorse or recommend any test, products, procedures or physicians on this site.

DHC will however collaborate with your physician – at your request only.

DHC makes every effort of good intention to provide correct information to its clients. However, the user/client is ultimately responsible to insure that the information is accurate for their service needs.

Scope of Services

Direct Healthcare Consulting and its Advertisers through this Site do not accept any responsibility for any medical, legal or financial events or outcomes related to services achieved through the use of this website.

There is no guarantee or warranty that the services DHC offer such as: web-based, phone or meeting consultations, or local professional resources of your choosing, will meet what you require.

The consultation and external services provided are for use at your own risk.

The professional resources provided are not registered clients of DHC website. Each business service entity provides its own scope of services and you the consumer is responsible to ensure the service option of your choice is suitable for your needs.

The website shall not be used illegally.

The website shall not be used to disturb or burden an individual.

Scammers and hackers are NOT permitted to use Direct Healthcare Consulting Services.

Any unauthorized access (to the website or misrepresentation of person’s log in credentials) shall be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

This Site welcomes feedback – It will be reviewed and applied under consideration as DHC adjust its service to enhance customer satisfaction. Please refer to review tab to make your comments. Thank You.


Direct Healthcare Consulting (DHC) services provide no warranty or representation of the accuracy of content on this Site.]

You agree to use this informational site and its external vendors per your choosing, implying that your use is under your responsibility and at your own risk.

DHC assumes NO liability or responsibility for errors or omissions with regard to content.

DHC provides content information “as is” and is free of all liability of any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential outcome, be it health care related, legal or financial – as this is a consumer choice site.

Consultation Services Tab

The consultation tab is a FREE page, so you may review the consultation selections that will best suit your service needs.

DHC has designed this Site for your convenience. There is no need to jump from one website to another, you can access most of what you need here as information, external service contacts and free downloads.

Three forms of consultation:

  1. Self – Search Consultation: this venue allows you to search and avail a menu of service needs and external contacts in order to assist you in your selection of your healthcare goals.

    Fee for this option is: $50.00 (USD) and is non-refundable

    Caution: once you close the self-search tab you are closing the site. Suggest you spend the time and search the information.

  2. Phone Consultation: this type of consultation includes a one-hour phone conversation to discuss your concerns with DHC.

    DHC will discuss and provide various options in order to meet your expressed healthcare needs.

    Business Email is provided for your convenience.
    Please include the following:

    1. Name
    2. Contact Number
    3. preferred time to be contacted/called

    Calls will be returned within 48 hours of receiving your notice.

    Please have written down all of your concerns so we make good use of the time.

    Fee for this one-hour option is: $75.00 (USD) and is non-refundable

  3. Consultation Meeting: this format provides a DHC representative meeting with you in order to provide further explanation of optional services and assist you in meeting your plan of care goals for yourself or a loved one.

    This initial meeting can take up to three hours and includes one free follow up call or visit. Meeting will be held in a convenient public place or facility.

    A checklist is provided as a free download, once you have selected this choice. This way DHC can thoroughly assess your healthcare options. (provide download of checklist)

    Business Email is provided for your convenience.
    Please include the following:

    1. Name
    2. Contact Number
    3. preferred time to be contacted/called

    Calls will be returned within 48 hours of receiving your notice.

    Cancellation Policy: Cancellation of meeting must be done one week prior to set date through an email (please right down my email address in case you need it). You are allowed one cancellation and if on the day of cancellation you reschedule another meeting, I will forward your non-refundable deposit – one time only – towards the rescheduled meeting.

    Fee for this service is: $250.00 (USD)

    Initially, a deposit of $100.00 is due and is non-refundable to set up appointment.

    Balance of $150.00 is due upon completion of initial consultation.

    NO CHECKS are accepted. Credit Card and/or Cash only.

Payment Policy and Electronic Payments

Fees shall be paid electronically before availing Direct Healthcare Consulting services. Once you have chosen a consult selection – your payment is non-refundable.

You understand, agree and confirm that the credit card details which you provide are correct, precise and accurate. Credit cards you utilize are lawfully owned by you.

Thereafter, your payment details will not be used nor shared by Direct Healthcare Consulting to any third parties unless required by law or court order. Credit Information will be stored only for a time s allowable by law.

Since we will NOT accept checks – we alleviate the potential of non-sufficient funds occurring and the subsequent issues of bank and legal involvement.

Credit cards and Cash are always accepted.

DHC strives for customer satisfaction, but DHC is not under obligation to assist you for any refundable monies as we have adequately expressed our non-refundable policy.

You would need to seek assistance from your respective bank.

Copyright and Trademarks

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